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Dutch Bato Bucket - 11 Ltr
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The Bato Bucket (otherwise known as the Dutch Bucket) is an efficient drip irrigation system and is particularly suitable for larger, long-term crops such as vine tomatoes, beans, capsicum peppers, cucumbers, cannabis and even roses. Various grow media can be used, including expanded clay pellets, coconut coir and perlite.
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Pots, Trays & Bags

At Hydrax Horticulture Supplies you can get the best grow bags in South Africa; we provide you with different sizes for any plant you want to take on. Grow bags are bags used to hold soil or any other growing medium you choose to use, for growing plants, like clay or plastic pots. If you have not heard of grow bags, you will want to check them out! Our grow bags can make gardening that much easier, both for indoors and outdoors growing. It has been noticed that growing plants in our grow bags results in healthier roots than plants in pots. Grow bags are more durable than plastic bags and breathe better, this is especially important as many people underestimate the importance of getting enough oxygen to the root of the plant. Grow bags are easier to move, hang, and store than pots.

Even though grow bags are wonderful to use growing outdoors, indoors, in a grow tent or in a greenhouse, there is no shortage of pros as to why you must use a grow bag for your next plant adventure, but like everything in life, nothing is perfect and there are a couple of cons in using a grow bag. Let us have a closer look at the pros and cons.


  • It can be used anywhere, from rented yards to small balconies.
  • Can be used in an area with bad soil, if you live in an area where the soil is not particularly good for the type of crop you want to grow, you can use a grow bag with healthy soil to grow your crop in.
  • Easy to use, they are cost effective and you do not need all those fancy tools to get started. Even the most beginner of gardeners can grow impressive crops.
  • Bags are breathable, making overwatering a thing of the past and increasing the drainage of the water through the soil. Oxygen is also distributed more through the grow bags which is highly beneficial for the roots.
  • Talking about roots, grow bags improve the overall root health. Plants create a more robust root system in grow bags.


  • The durability of the bags is not as high as your more hard-bodied containers. Grow bags can only last for about 2-6 seasons depending on the quality of the bag and the environment it is exposed to.
  • With that said the cost can become high as well, seeing as the bags does not last long you can start to see some numbers running up in buying new grow bags.
  • Aesthetics is something people care about, even though grow bags are not as your ceramic or terra cotta pots, in my opinion it is the plant that is the star of the show not the bag and if you place your grow bags in a creative fashion it can look very chic and pretty.
  • Some of the grow bags on the market are not eco-friendly and that can become a problem once it is time to discard them. But this opens a whole new door of opportunity of biodegradable grow bags. 
  • With the grow bags being so breathable and overwatering nothing to worry about, something you will have to consider is the fact that now the soil becomes dry to quickly and you will need to keep on supplying enough water which can become quite costly.
  • The mobility of the grow bags can become a problem especially once you start choosing the bigger grow bags like your 20 gallons and up, because they do not have a sturdy structure they tend to tear easily, so just be careful when you decide on the size of the bag, if you want a bigger gallon bag choose a plant that is not going to cause the bag to fall over or tear.

With all that said we here at Hydrax Horticulture Supplies stand behind our product and promise you that once you try out one of our grow bags, seeing the magnificent difference it will bring to your crops, you will be in awe.