Craft Soil and Mediums

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  • Brand: UMYA Nutrients clear
Umya Soil Mix 2kg
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Turn good soil into great soil. Soil Mix is created using composted chicken manure which is manipulated in a process where the nutritional elements are metabolised and organically complexed. The elements are now more plant available and protected from reacting to other soil elements. The MRT (mean residence time) of the chicken manure will also increase ensuring longer availability in the soil.
Classic Growing Medium & Organic Craft Soil South Africa - Hydrax Horticulture

Craft Soil and Mediums

We at Hydrax Horticulture Supplies are distributors of top-quality Craft Soil and growing mediums in South Africa. Craft Soil is one of the most popular growing mediums/media for plants because it is natural and easily accessible across the world. If you decide to use Craft Soil, please see instructions on the product for best results. If you are wondering what exactly we mean by Craft Soil and mediums/media, well remember we said that plants do not need soil to grow in. Now some plants, like tomatoes for example are more of your larger and heavy plants so when growing the roots needs something strong to hold onto, so instead of using actual soil we recommend using Craft Soil or other mediums/media, with these mediums/media the water and nutrients gets supplied evenly through the plants and will not get sucked up like with normal soil.

At Hydrax Horticulture we offer a broad range of soilless mediums/media such as rockwool, perlite, vermiculite, and coco coir (or coco peat). Now do not let the names scare you they are not as complex as they sound, they all serve the purpose of supporting the plant while growing, giving the roots something to hold onto, and at the same time not absorbing any of the nutrients the plant needs to grow. With these mediums there is a system that will work best to keep it moist and keep true to the hydroponic growing technology and that is the wick system, one of the six main types of growing methods.

Something else everyone needs to know about soilless medium/media is that they are typically porous to hold oxygen and the solution rich water but does not absorb it like we said earlier. Always consider the weight of the medium/media that you are choosing with the weight of the water as well and the actual size of your hydroponic equipment, you do not want to use big gravel stones for a small pot.