Hydroponic Nutrients

Advanced Bloom - 1 Ltr
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Reg No. B5620The Flowering stage is the productive part of a plant’s life. Advanced BLOOM is a “superfood” for flower production. Advanced BLOOM assures that you plants will receive the correct balance of nutrients to encourage the optimum growth of superior quality flowers.
Advanced Micro - 1 Ltr
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Reg No. K10687Advanced MICRO is the top-secret to triumph, supporting the crop during it’s complete life cycle. Advanced MICRO is composed of chelated micro elements and macro elements in combination with exceptional pH buffers, crucial for stabilizing pH values.
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Hydroponic Nutrients

Hydrax Horticulture Supplies are distributors of high quality indoor, outdoor and greenhouse hydroponic nutrient fertilizers and nutrient solutions in South Africa. Our collection of hydroponic nutrient solutions caters for a wide variety of agricultural requirements and preferences. Whether you are an avid gardener or a beginner, you will want to find the best nutrients for your plants. Certain nutrients are made for soil while others are made for hydroponic growing. By giving your plant the right nutrients at each growing stage result in optimal production. Some of the brands we supply and distribute is Biobizz, Green House Powder Feeding and Umya Nutrients. We will go into detail regarding Umya a bit later, but for now let us look at the first two.

Biobizz is 100% certified organic, which includes a line of organic substrate, liquid fertilizers, and substrate enhancers for all your farming needs. Using organic products and organic nutrients, just make sure to minimize the impact the products have on the earth, we do not want to destroy something while growing something else. What we mean by that is the products do not include any harmful metals, artificial additives, or synthetic pesticides. Making this product good for the health of the plant as well as the health of the people. Using 100% organic products guarantees impressive harvest, both in quality and quantity.

Now for the Green House Powder Feeder, this product has been designed to feed the plants during the flowering phase, giving the plants just the right amount of potassium, magnesium, and phosphor. It also contains lots of micronutrients which helps with the plants flowering production. Mixing the powder is straight forward, just use regular tap water with a temperature at about 18-22 degrees Celsius. Mix it well for 2-3 minutes and supply to plants. The actual mixed nutrient solution can be stored at room temperature in a lightproof container for up to 7 days.

Hydroponic nutrients can be used in a wide range of hydroponic systems, like:

  • Wick system
  • DWC (Deep Water Culture)
  • Ebb-and-floe (Flood-and-drain)
  • Drip system (Recovery or non-recovery)
  • NFT (Nutrient film technique)
  • Aeroponic
  • Deep water hydroponic system

Something to remember when you are growing with hydroponics is that the plants will only get the vitamins and minerals you give them, so you must make sure you choose the right nutrients for the right plants and you must look at your budget and the size of your hydroponic system you installed or want to install. There are 5 key nutrients all plants need: nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous. Now every plant through each growth stage might need more or less of each of these nutrients, but all must be included in the growth.