Umya Moss Blend 250g
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Reg No.: K 8903A specialized blend of more than 30 important beneficial microorganisms blended together as an effective microorganism inoculant. Mos Blend when applied to the soil builds better soil structure, benefits nitrogen fixation, helps the plant fight nematodes, insects and other parasitic organisms, by colonizing the root zone and attacking soil borne diseases.
Umya NC 32 500ml
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(Carbon Integrated Nitrogen) Reg No.: K 8904 32% Organic Nitrogen boost for vigorous plant growth in the vegetative stage. This is a Carbon integrated Nitrogen Fertilizer and/or foliar fertilizer for the nutritional needs of all and any crop or plant.
Umya Soil Mix 2kg
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Turn good soil into great soil. Soil Mix is created using composted chicken manure which is manipulated in a process where the nutritional elements are metabolised and organically complexed. The elements are now more plant available and protected from reacting to other soil elements. The MRT (mean residence time) of the chicken manure will also increase ensuring longer availability in the soil.

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