Advanced Bloom - 1 Ltr
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Reg No. B5620The Flowering stage is the productive part of a plant’s life. Advanced BLOOM is a “superfood” for flower production. Advanced BLOOM assures that you plants will receive the correct balance of nutrients to encourage the optimum growth of superior quality flowers.
Advanced Cardiopump - 20ml
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Advanced CardioPump is a remarkable formula made from multiple seaweed extracts, including Betaine. This uniquie compound relieves stress threw out the plants lifecycle. Advanced CardioPump, together with our Bloom, Grow and Micro are precisely formulated to support a flourishing garden.
Advanced Micro - 1 Ltr
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Reg No. K10687Advanced MICRO is the top-secret to triumph, supporting the crop during it’s complete life cycle. Advanced MICRO is composed of chelated micro elements and macro elements in combination with exceptional pH buffers, crucial for stabilizing pH values.

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