Red Clover Seeds
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Red Clover Seeds

Red clover is the perfect companion plant to supply a slow release organic nitrogen boost to your cannabis plants. It also acts as a living mulch and is a mineral rich source for your compost heap...



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Red Clover fixes nitrogen issues in root nodules and acts as a living mulch. Red Clover is one of nature's richest sources of isoflavinoids which are water-soluble compounds that behave like estrogen to plants. Trimming red clover to delay flowering provides a ready supply of mineral-rich additive to your soil. Red Clover is a robust and tolerant plant that has a very high tolerance for most environmental conditions.It keeps the soil friable, so water penetration is increased and better retained. Deep pink flowers produced by Red Clover attract nectar orientated species to your cannabis garden.


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Data sheet

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Data sheet
Prefers - 6,0 and 7,2. Can grow between 5,5 - 7,5.
Plant Type
Perennial, herbaceous.
Aromatic and stealth.
Plant Height
20 - 60 cm
Up to 3 a year. Initial / 60–70 days. Subsequent on a 30 – 35 day interval.
Prefers full sun, prefers moist soils.
Well-drained soil, also tolerates poorly drained soil.
Up to 7 - 10 days / 25°C (min 3°C).
Seeds per gram
285 - 400
Should be harvested at prebloom or early bloom.
Latin name
Trifolium pratense
Plants provide nitrogen fixation, used as cover plants before main crop.

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