Peppermint Seeds
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Peppermint Seeds

Peppermint is a drought and flood tolerant hardy perennial ground cover plant with bright green aromatic leaves. Effective companion plant for cannabis plants repelling ants, fleas and aphids, flea beetles and mice...

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Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is a drought and flood tolerant hardy perennial ground cover with bright green aromatic leaves. Peppermint is an excellent companion plant for cannabis plants. With it's vivid aroma can help mask the pungent smell of cannabis plants that are flowering. Peppermint is an ecellent natural repellent for ants, fleas and aphids, flea beetles and mice. Regular topping encourages prolific growth. Break your peppermint batches apart regularly for replanting.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Prefers 6,5 to 7,0. Can grow between 5,6 and 7,5.
Plant Type
Perennial, herbaceous.
Aromatic, distraction and stealth/cover fast.
Plant Height
30 - 90 cm
2 - 3 times during the season. Flowers - July-August (7 - 8 weeks).
Cool season, Full sun to partial shade, need winter protection in cold climates.
Rich, moist, well-drained.
10 - 16 days / 21-24°C
45 - 60 cm
Seeds per gram
17.000 - 20.000
Attract beneficient insects, repels pests. To continue vegetative growth, cut the stems 3-5 inches from the ground right before flowering.
Latin name
Mentha piperita

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