Coco Peat Brick - 5kg
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Coco Peat Brick - 5kg

Coco peat is a substrate for hydroponic growing, because it is free of bacteria and most fungal spores. Coco coir is an ideal grow medium, which holds water exceptionally well while...



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Coco Peat is also known as coir, coco fiber or coir peat. It is made from coconut husks and is a consistent media for long term growing. Coco Peat Bricks have excellent water retention ability and can be used multiple times. Coco peat generally has an acidity in the range of pH – 5.5 to 6.5. It is a little on the acidic side for some plants, but many popular plants can tolerate this pH range.

Cocopeat has a negatively charged complex, surrounded by a couple of positively charged ions: sodium and potassium. Because these elements stick to the complex, like iron to a magnet, there is no danger to the plant root initially. The problem starts when fertilizing with calcium. The calcium will push the potassium and sodium aside and take their position. Consequently, the calcium that is connected to the complex won’t be available to the plant, while sodium and potassium that are released into the water will be available.

To avoid this ‘time bomb’ problem, the Cocopeat needs to be buffered. In buffered cocopeat the ion exchange, as we call the process where calcium pushes the other ions off the complex, has already taken place.

Please note that you need to buffer the Cocopeat with Calcium Magnesium Nitrate (Cal Mag).


  • Free of bacteria and most fungal spores
  • Sustainably produced 
  • Coco peat has high cellulose and lignin content
  • Equal water and air distribution.
  • Rapid dense root growth.


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