Biogrow Neudosan 250ml
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Biogrow Neudosan 250ml


Neudosan by BioGrow is an environmentally friendly insecticidal soap with improved efficacy against soft-bodied insects and mites. It is a patented formulation in which an adjuvant increases the spreadablilty and efficacy of the active ingredient.


  • Fast acting, contact insecticide – miticide
  • Safe – low mammalian toxicity, no harmful residues, may be used on day of harvest
  • May be used in organically certified crops
  • Contains no methanol
  • Easy to mix
  • Excellent spreading
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Contains: Potassium salts of fatty acids

Used Against: Soft-bodied insects and mites, particularly those of the order Homoptera (e.g. aphids, leafhoppers, mealy bugs, psyllids, scales and whitefly). But also obtained in the following orders Thysanoptea (thrips), Lepidoptera (caterpillars)


  • 20ml – 40ml per 1 Liter water depending on insect pressure.  Thorough wetting on top and underside of leaves.
  • High Infestation: spray every 7 days with a higher dosage
  • Low Infestation: apply every 14 days. Repeat as necessary

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